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how I work

Personal, unique design

I exclusively create sites manually, guided by my principles of design and usability, with a hint of my own taste, while working within the framework of assigned tasks. The result is a unique product that is different from, and better than the competition.

Emphasis on the convenience of use

Think back to the restaurant analogy. It is important to make the service easy to use and convenient for visitors. At that point, you have a better chance to make your resource the most visited and in demand. Not to mention, it will increase income as well.

The simplest way is always the best way

Navigating the website needs to be clear for customers, without unnecessary complications and gadgets. A simple, clear, thought out and easy to use website will meet your goals better than you ever expected.

Competitive prices

If someone promises you everything you want right now for a surprisingly low cost, you should be ready for poor quality. At the same time, you can get taken advantage of by paying too much for a website that was made from a template. The right price is the one that reflects the quality of work, while providing a good value.