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what I do

Web design

A common misconception about web design is that it’s all about the look of the site. In reality, the appearance of the site is just a part of the complex process of creating an internet resource. Designing a website also includes the way it is made, how it works, and how it accomplishes tasks.

Layout of design concept

It’s pretty easy stuff. First, I type the code using the good-old Royal typesetter, then scan the prints with OCR.
A spell check is the final touch on the hand-made work.

Internet promotion

It is very exciting to watch your site climb higher and higher in the search system every day. It’s even more exciting when those you pass become clients.

Resource support

A website shouldn’t be like a monument in a plaza. It should be more like a restaurant, where the main goal is customer care. Satisfied customers will come back soon, and when they do, they will bring their friends. For this reason, it is important to maintain the restaurant at a high level.